Ryo, Robert and Yuri showcased in King of Fighters XIV team trailer


SNK and Atlus have uploaded the newest team trailer for the King of Fighters XIV which showcases Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, also known as Team Art of Fighting.

Ryo, Yuri and Robert are all students of Kyokugenryu Karate and while they have similar move sets, they each have their own way of fighting. Ryo is an in-your-face fighter who can parry and get in very quickly with highs and lows, Robert is a strategic fighter who excels both in close range and mid range, and Yuri is a zoning character who can reflect opponent’s attacks, zone opponents with her fireballs and get through opponent’s defenses with a running command grab attack.

We also get to see each character’s climax in action. Ryo’s Shin Tenchi Hahoh Ken returns with added animation, high damage output and is easy to use in just about any combo. Robert’s new climax looks extremely useful and simple to link into. Yuri’s Climax looks like a parody of Dan’s Shisso Buraiken Ultra from Street Fighter IV complete with added noises and a little more humor.  

Up next will be Team Psycho Soldier, and luckily Kensou returns to the pre-KoF XII look with denim jacket.

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