Dragon Ball Super’s ‘Future Trunks Arc’ reveals new image of evil Goku


June 12th will mark the start of a new arc in Dragon Ball Super. While it was previously mentioned in a tweet by Akira Toriyama, Future Trunks, who was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z during the Android Saga, will be making a return with a bit of a different look.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 will be titled “SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!” which find Trunks seeking the help of Goku and friends as he is faced with a new enemy known as Black.

In the new image, we see Trunks, whose hair has gone from purple to an aqua blue, an older Mai (who is rumored to be his girlfriend), and the new villain of the arc known as “Goku Black.” The villain is wearing what looks be the Potara Earrings from the Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z which fused Goku and Vegeta together to create Vegito.

Currently, Funimation has yet to confirm the release for the series in North America. Hopefully that will soon change as the first episode of Super aired last year on July 5, 2015.

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