Blizzard laying down the banhammer to thousands of Overwatch cheaters


Blizzard gave out one warning last month; if you cheat in Overwatch, you will be banned. There are no second chances. Well, the game has only been out for a little over a week and already Blizzard is making good on its promise by laying down the banhammer to thousands of players.

The first wave of bans happened to those using a popular cheating program known as Watchover Tyrant for the PC. Six days after the program was released, everyone caught using it was shown the door, and it was so massive that the company responsible for the program had to shut down its authentication servers and offer users refunds since they can no longer play the game. Some even went out and bought another copy of the game, cleared out all the data from their original playthrough, played the game normally only to find out they once again got banned just a day or two later. Guess they found out the hard way that Blizzard ain’t playing games but making them.

That’s pretty harsh but well deserved to those who don’t want to work for it, but that’s actually not as bad as what happened over in China. More than 1,500 users were found cheating, and not only were they given the banhammer, their usernames were also posted online for all to see, which is pretty brutal.

It’s nice to know as a gamer, everyone is on equal terms. I am fine with someone who worked the long hours and put in the effort to get rewarded, compared to someone cheating. I’d love to see more games put more effort into dealing with cheaters. Just don’t cheat and if you think you won’t get caught, do you really want to take that risk?

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