New Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer released


War… War never changes… and neither does Pokemon. We have known about the release of the latest pair of Pokemon handheld titles, Sun and Moon, for quite a while now, and just hours ago a new trailer was released showcasing some details about the new games. First we get a better look at the two new Legendary pocket monsters, Solgaleo and Lunala. Lunala is a Psychic-Ghost type with the special ability Shadow Shield, while Solgaleo is a Psychic-Steel type with Full Metal Body.

We also get a better glimpse at the new region of Alola. The game feels very Hawaiian inspired with the layout of the map, especially with the inclusion of giant volcanos and the naming of the characters like Professor Kukui. It also looks like they have added some new life to the Pokedex, having it possessed by a Rotom, which admittedly looks pretty cool. The only hope would be that we can use Pokedex Rotom in battle.

The new Pokemon Games will be available November 18, 2016 (just in time for Christmas), and we can assume more details will be released by Nintendo in the coming weeks.

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