Disney and Lucasfilm launch prop-making company

star wars prop

Good news, Star Wars collector! You can now get movie-accurate props from Disney and Lucasfilm themselves. No need to go to a third party for your props. So you can be sure that the money you spent on these props are as accurate as the movie(s). This is not for the budget-friendly collector. This is for those that are willing to pay big money to get a very precise prop.

The shop will be located in the UK where all of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens props were made. With the use of the original props, high-resolution 3D digital scans and advanced 3D printer technology, these will be as authentic as the original props used in the movies.

The first movie they will be making props on is for The Force Awakens. No words on how the release scheduling will be for the other six movies, but rest assured they will most likely make them as well. This will be first available to the US and will be in limited amounts to keep its rarity and value. So get those checkbooks ready if you want these props.

For more information or how to buy them, check out Star Wars Collectibles Ultimate Studio Edition website.

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