Deadpool Blu-ray ad parodies drug ads with side effects

Check out this new ad for the Deadpool Blu-ray and DVD that parodies one of those drug ads with a lot of disclaimers about side effects. Let me list some

Underground brings the feels, leaving us ‘Black & Blue’ recap and review

Recap We open as Jeremiah has Rosalee, shackled and chained, being transported in the back of a wagon. Her gaze stares blankly at the sky, barely blinking, as the group stop at a

Captain America: Civil War Review

We’ve come a long way since Iron Man first hit theaters 8 years ago. Marvel Studios has changed the Hollywood landscape with their maverick idea of cinematic universe-building. A third Captain

Interview: Insomniac Games’ Ted Price on Oculus and Song of the Deep

2016 is definitely a big year for Insomniac Games with the release of five games including the Ratchet and Clank reboot, Song of the Deep, and three Oculus VR-exclusive titles.

Old interview with Zack Snyder raises new questions

An 8-year-old interview with director Zack Snyder may give us better insight on to why Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice came out the way it did. In 2008, Snyder interviewed

Disney to possibly add a ‘Marvel Land’ to theme parks

It’s been 6 years since Disney acquired Marvel, and things couldn’t be any better. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is booming like none other, and it seems like there’s no

Super Mario and Sublime tribute, ‘Plumber Time’

“Plumber Time” is a Super Mario tribute and Sublime mashup by comedy troupe Decent Humans with music recorded by professional Sublime tribute band, Wrong Way. The song sounds great, the

Rock out with Darth Vader and stormtroopers performing ‘Imperial March’

It’s May the Fourth (Star Wars Day), and we have the evil Galactic Empire performing their theme song, “The Imperial March,” in a new music video. The Star Wars rock band captures

‘Jabba Flow’ song from Star Wars: The Force Awakens now available

In honor of May the Fourth (#StarWarsDay), director J.J. Abrams, musician Lin-Manuel Miranda and friends have finally released the full song for “Jabba Flow,” the catchy song that was featured

Japan’s late-night arcade scene is a bust

By Imoto Arcade So right now I am visiting family in Japan, my yearly trip, but meanwhile, I’ve been creating a mini-series about the current look at arcade culture in

Fallout 4: Far Harbor gets new trailer and release date

Bethesda has released a new trailer for ‘Far Harbor’ – the third DLC launch for Fallout 4. The trailer shows some of the add-on’s new locations and introduces some new

EVO 2016 will ban player coaching in Quarter Final matches

If you plan on attending this year’s EVO, be prepared for a new rule change that will prohibit any player to receive any coaching once they reach quarter-finals in their respective game.

Hori releasing Pokémon Pokéball-themed Wii U Gamepad protector

If you own a Wii U, keeping the Gamepad secure and clean is a great way of making sure it works for a very long time. While you’re at it,

Nintendo teams up with Vans for video game-themed footwear

If you have ever felt the need to wear a pair of sneakers featuring Mario, Link or even the Duck Hunt Dog and Birds, you are in luck. Nintendo and Vans

Pokken Tournament Pikachu Pro Pad coming May 7 as GameStop exclusive

Before the release of Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U, Japanese accessory company Hori released a Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad. It was made to give players the arcade look and feel of

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Celebrate Star Wars day by unleashing two Star Wars titles on your Xbox One. According to Microsoft’s list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, you can now play Star Wars:

Deadpool director Tim Miller’s favorite deleted scene

Deadpool director Tim Miller sat down with Cinemablend and talked to them about his favorite deleted scene called “The Cancer World Tour” which he wishes could have been added to the

‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ announces Blu-ray release date!

As critics and fans continue to swirl around in debate around the recent and unique installment in the DC Cinematic Universe, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, opinions and insults fly

’90s Captain America movie gets an Honest Trailer

With Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters this weekend, it’s time to pay tribute to a movie long forgotten, the ’90s Captain America movie. Yes, Red Skull is Italian, Captain

Conan checks out replica Darth Vader helmet

Here we have Conan’s Associate Producer Jordan Schlansky geeking out on his purchase of a Star Wars’ Darth Vader replica mask. And then we have Conan O’Brien having a look.