Who’s next? Goldberg to be featured in WWE 2k17

2K has done an amazing job revitalizing the WWE video game franchise, and each time they are getting better and better. One thing that was a little strange with the release of WWE 2K16 was the pre-order bonus fighter, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 Terminator. While the game was well received, it’s safe to assume that while the Terminator was an intriguing addition to the game, true pro-wrasslin’ fans were not flocking out to the store to reserve the game for such a gimmicky character.

Luckily it looks like this year 2K has got it right with its pre-order exclusive character, Bill Goldberg. Goldberg was a pillar for the WCW during the Monday night wars and was the premiere face of the company who went toe to toe with the behemoth of a stable, the NWO. Best known for his undefeated streak of 173 consecutive victories, legendary walkout theatrics, and vicious finishing moves, Bill Goldberg is what you call a needle mover. Hopefully the version of Goldberg that is coming to the game is the classic WCW version, and that all records and referenced to that awful WWE run are erased. Maybe through the magic of WWE 2K17, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar can give us the Wrestlemania match they still owe us for that disaster of a match we got at Wrestlemania 20.


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