Team behind new Mega Man cartoon asks fans to give it a chance


A few days ago, the  first image for the new Mega Man cartoon was revealed, and it’s safe to say that it wasn’t very well received from fans. While this design isn’t terrible by any means (we’ve seen much worse), it’s just not what anyone expected when trying to add a new spin on a beloved character. This led to many fans voicing their outrage on social media, calling out Capcom and the team behind the cartoon, Dentsu Entertainment and Man of Action.

The cartoon is set to air sometime in 2017, and it’s never a great start to have the show already receiving negative comments just from one picture, and Man of Action’s Joe Kelly wants fans to wait and give the show a shot before putting it down.

I want to thank everyone for loving MegaMan and having such strong opinions. That’s really cool…

Even cooler when you express them with care and thought. Nothing I can say will counteract the shock you may feel when…

An image released doesn’t match the one you had in your head. Same with a storyline. A name. A set up. All I can say is what I said b4–

We always set out with our partners to create the best show we can. That’s all creative people do. All day. Every day.

Some of what we create will suit your taste. Some will not. I only ask, as I did before, that folks wait until a show is on the air…

Before assuming that their favorite thing is ruined forever. The whole reason I engaged folks last time was BECAUSE we respect fans…

Just because our collective approach doesn’t match your ideas is not an attack on you.

That’s all I have on this. I can’t answer questions or get into specifics for legal, personal and creative reasons…

But I hope you give the show a chance when it airs. Thanks for your passion and thoughtfulness. Best to you!

Agreed, it’s still too early to say much on the character alone. I really enjoy Man of Action’s work and respect what they’ve done in comic books and movies, but there is just something about this look that just doesn’t resonate well with me as a longtime fan. Sure the cartoon is being developed with a younger audience in mind, so it needs to be somewhat fresh to keep it interesting, and we also know that Man of Action is also respecting the source material since they know long time fans have a vested interest in this series. It’s honestly the only new Mega Man entertainment that we’ve seen since Mega Man 10, and that was released six years ago after Capcom canceled Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe.

It’s not like Mega Man hasn’t had his bad days, or should I say bad animation designs. Let’s take, for instance, the bad box art for Mega Man from the first game as well as the horror that was used in Captain N: The Game Master. I still can’t get that look/voice out of my head.

So how do you feel about this new iteration of Mega Man? Will you be watching the first episode when it airs?

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