K-CON 2016: Get your tickets now!

KCON 2016

K-Con is an event that takes place every year in multiple places throughout the United States. Yes, it’s is exactly what it sounds like – Korean Music Con. Since we don’t always get the privilege of seeing our favorite K-Pop stars play live, K-Con brings them to us. I am here to remind you that tickets for this year go on sale on June 3rd! This year, you can get them for both Los Angeles (July 29th – 31st) and New York (July 24th & 25th). To convince you to go, let me share with you some of the amazing artists that will be there this year!




Girls’ Generation


And so many more. It’s going to be hard NOT to go! You can get your New York tickets¬†here. Los Angeles tickets go on sale in just three days. Keep up to date with news on K-Con here on Nerd Reactor, but also on K-Con’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook! Don’t forget their website, either!

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