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fanime 2016

Just a few weeks ago, all of us at Nerd Reactor were preparing to get shwifty at Fanime, which is one of our favorite conventions. We wrote a piece on it, letting you know why it’s 100% worth it to attend. Well, the convention has come to a close and we’re happy to report that it was everything we hoped it to be and more! Let’s get into it.

Fanime’s dealer hall is certainly one of the best halls out of all the conventions I’ve been to. It’s big, but not big enough to swallow you whole. It has a nice balance of everyone’s interests, and I was able to find the things I was looking for that I was never able to find at any other convention.

Dealers Hall, Fanime

Obviously, Saturday is the busiest day, but it seemed really organized as we wandered around looking for stuff to throw our money at. This was really nice, considering the fact that at most conventions, you can barely move around. It was nice to have the freedom to casually look at items without being rushed.

Another thing that really made me happy this year, when compared to others, was surprisingly enough, the game room. Now, I always stop by the game room and check it out, but we ended up spending quite some time in there.

Sadly, they no longer had purikura, which was really unfortunate, and a lot of my friends were really disappointed with this. The other games made up for it. I mean, yes, we did spend $15 on a claw machine – but that’s beside the point.

The game room at Fanime is open 24 hours. Some people aren’t huge into the whole party thing and would rather just play some video games or tabletop games and hang out with friends they’ve been waiting to see all year. So thank you, Fanime, for making the game room accessible at any time. It’s such a great aspect to include with the entire package.

Lobbycon, or rather known as the front center of the convention center, was so much more organized than it has been ever before. This year, there was so much more staff to guide us, keeping the pathways clear and helping us find out where we needed to go. The front of the convention center is typically pretty packed, but the extra staff helped with that so much.

There was also staff members at the bottom of each staircase making sure you had a badge to enter, which I’ve never seen before. This made it nice so that people could only access the bottom floor without a badge, and those of us who had one got all the cool perks upstairs. I still think that you should be able to enjoy a con without a badge, so it was great that Fanime left the bottom floor open to people who did or didn’t, regardless. You still got to see amazing cosplay, meet up with friends, and at least hear the music from upstairs. Although I highly recommend getting a badge with all of my heart (so worth it), it was kind enough for them to do this.

The music this year was great. They had an amazing band play this year at the auditorium, – Da-iCE. It was almost completely packed in there, and the band themselves was so good.

Also, like I said in a previous article, I love the fact that every year Fanime has big events take place across the street in a huge theatre. It makes it so much easier, and you don’t have nearly as much traffic as usual. I think most conventions should take note of that!

I think the biggest complaint for this year was registration – Linecon. I understand that at most conventions, registration and pre-reg are just something you have to deal with, but the organization is key when it comes to this. Most people have to spend at least 2 hours in line trying to get in, which is normal to me but could be executed better in my opinion. In the past for other cons, mailing out badges has proven to work out really well, but it’s also a hassle if someone doesn’t receive the badge. There are pros and cons to handling the badge situation differently, but it’s something that definitely needs to be considered.

Overall, the convention for me was better than it ever has been. Not to say the other years are bad, but every year it seems to be improving, and that is so cool to me. It’s never been a dull or similar year for me, and every con there has so much more to bring to the table. I love that every Fanime is so different and I have new stories to tell.

Friends, for me, is always what makes a con for me, and Fanime is honestly the perfect convention for that. They really help you out, cater to you, offer some amazing perks, their organization is really well (especially with hotels), and the rooms and events they offer are out of this world. I had said before that Fanime is by far my favorite convention of all the ones I’ve been to, and this year just proved that by every aspect!

Thanks for having us, Fanime. I cannot wait until next year! Now, cue the con blues.

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