5 gruesome comic book deaths

X-Men Death

Comics have been a big part of my childhood and adult life. I own hundreds and have read them all. Reflecting back, there have been deaths in most of the arcs that were written, and it is usually a death that is the catalyst for either a hero or villain to be born. We are not going to focus on the aftermath, but more on the cause of death and the people involved. Also, some of these deaths weren’t really permanent since it is rare for a comic book nowadays to actually kill a character and leave them dead.

Now some of these are going to be spoilers for those that are not caught up. So be warned.



Jason Todd in “Batman: Death in the Family”

Jason Todd

It’s unfortunate, but Jason Todd was not well liked when he was first introduced as Batman’s new sidekick. He replaced a popular sidekick, Dick Grayson, the original Robin. When the Joker took him as a hostage, they put it to a vote on whether he should live or die. Since I’m here writing about gruesome deaths, you can bet that it did not end well for Jason Todd. When the votes were tallied, Jason was sentenced to death.

We see the Joker beat Jason with a crowbar in front of his mother. The artists showed no mercy on how they depicted his beating. The Joker leaves Jason’s badly beaten body and his mother with a time bomb. As the bomb is about to explode, Jason covers the bomb with his body to protect his mother, but that she ended up dying from it anyway.

Batman carrying Jason’s body is a scene that will be etched in my mind for a long time. As I said earlier, no one ever stays dead. Jason is back and alive in the comics and in video games.

Logan vs. Hulk in “Old Man Logan”

Old Man Logan

There are many death scenes in this comic, but this specific death happened in a weird way with a brutal ending. A Wolverine and Hulk fight has been a staple of Marvel just like Charles Xavier and Magneto. The fight actually got us a winner since one is not alive anymore; however, this does not take place in Earth 616 which means this is not canon.

In this world, Hulk is not the same Hulk we know. He looks much older and has liver spots, but he still has similar strength. They go at it for a while but then he decides to eat Wolverine to finish off the fight. I guess he forgot that Wolverine still has his healing factors, and doing what he does best, Wolverine carves an exit out of Hulk’s stomach. (Just like that scene in Aliens where the baby alien came out of the guy’s chest.)

The Joker in “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

Superman Joker

A death of a loved one can change even the noblest man into a beast. This is what happened to Superman when he was tricked into killing his love, Lois, while she was pregnant with child. This death was part of a plan by the Joker. He had Superman drugged up with his laughing gas, causing Superman to hallucinate. Believing he was being attacked by Doomsday, Superman took the fight to outer space where he thought he killed Doomsday. To his surprise, it was actually Lois.

Later on Joker was taken into custody by Batman and was being interrogated. During the interrogation, Superman comes in and asks Joker a few questions. With the Joker being the Joker, he did not answer in a straight fashion. Superman was beyond angry at that point and decided to take justice into his own hand, by shoving his hand through the Joker’s chest. No one expected this kind of response, even Batman, as seen in the background. The way Joker went out with a smile, and that is very creepy.

Ares vs. Sentry in “Seige”

Sentry vs Ares

War always brings death to both sides and this one was no difference. Ares went out in search of Osborn after being told the truth by Heimdall that Osborn tricked him into invading Asgard. During his search, Sentry stepped in and fought him. Unfortunately for Ares, this was a one-sided battle that he could not win.

After going a couple rounds, it was clear that Sentry was stronger than he was and was not able to do any damage. Sentry then kills Ares by ripping him in half in front of everyone. This shocked both sides of the battle. As Ares says, “As they are Gods, they can be killed, but they truly never die.”

Punisher Kills Dr. Doom in “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”

Punisher Kills Doom

A death in a family is always a cause for vengeance or in this case, punishment. Frank Castle’s family was enjoying a day at the park when it was attacked by aliens. The X-Men succeeded in stopping the aliens, but the attack took away too much human life including Frank’s family. The first to fall was Cyclops as he was trying to console Frank.

He was taken into custody and was sentenced, but he was not taken to jail. Instead, he was sent to a private location where he was set free and was told to kill all caped heroes and villains. From there he attacks and kills anyone that is super powered or wears a mask. The worst one to die was Dr. Doom. He infiltrated his land by camouflaging as the Fantastic Four and parachuting into his castle. Once there he fought Dr. Doom and placed a magnetic mine to his face and disabled the robots. The explosion was not enough to kill Dr. Doom, so Frank grabbed a hammer and beat him until his head squished.

If you would like to know more or enjoyed these, then please check out the comics. Some are single-issue comics or trades, so you may have to read the entire thing to get there. Of course, there are other gruesome deaths, so let us know what your list in the comments section below.

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