Hyper Light Drifter gets a collectors edition

How I even managed to miss this game when it released is confusing me at this very moment.

I’ve always been a big fan of retro games and retro-looking games, so imagine my excitement when I heard that a retro game was not only getting a collectors edition, but that it would include this sweet looking SNES cartridge….

hyper snes cart

And then imagine my disappointment when I came to find out that it’s non-functional. Nonetheless, you do get a keycode to download the game on whichever platform you wish to play it on, console or Steam. So if you’ve played the game already and want some sweet physical gear like a classic SNES box and map, or if you’ve held off on playing it for a while, check out their website and see for yourself what technicolor goodness you could get your hands on.

Source: iam8bit

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