Hitman: Episode 2 (PS4 review)


In case you didn’t read the review of Episode 1 of Hitman, first of all, please read it. Second, you would know that I was a little underwhelmed. However, I thankfully could not say the same for Episode 2. Please note that I have not had the opportunity to try out the game’s Elusive Target missions available for a limited time, but expect to hear about them in the review for Episode 3. For now, we are going to take a little vacation to the glorious place known as Sapienza, Italy, in the mission called “World of Tomorrow.”

Your targets in this mission are two scientists, Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis, who are working on a virus that will target specific people meant for assassination. While it would be cool to use this virus against them, you must use Agent 47’s precise methods of attack: sneak and destroy.


The first thing that caught my eye was how beautiful the map is. Not only is it finely detailed and colorful, but it runs better than the Paris mission in Episode 1 due to the NPCs (non-playable characters) being farther apart from each other this time. You can enter some of the building inside for tactical purposes or for a shortcut. I was not too impressed with how the game looked after playing Episode 1, but 2 has changed my mind altogether. I look forward to seeing what future environments have in store.

The two targets have interesting stories that you may use to your advantage in taking them out. Caruso is having a rough day considering it is the anniversary of his mother’s death. He is having a special dinner prepared and flowers ordered for his mother’s grave. It just so happens that the flower truck crashed around the corner and the chef’s new assistant lives around the corner. De Santis, much like Caruso, is always heavily guarded with her being an important part of the operation, but she has scheduled a private meeting with a detective that day. Do with that information what you will, but these are barely half of the opportunities available.


After the targets have been successfully eliminated, the virus prototype must be destroyed in the lab located in the lower levels of the mansion (which is a task in itself just entering that place). You would think it wise to disguise yourself as one of the scientists, but half of the staff wouldn’t recognize you thus risking an alarm. Matter of fact, there are plenty of NPCs in this game that will call you out on a false disguise, even if you’re out in public.

The map’s humongous size only adds more possibilities to these challenges. While the hotel from Episode 1 was pretty big, its layout was pretty straightforward and symmetrical. Sapienza is a whole different beast with many layers, nooks, and crannies making for good hiding spots and intel locations.


Final Reaction

Hitman Episode 2 is a step above the last one. The map is huge and alive, the technical problems are less present, and the opportunities are interesting enough for me to go back and try all of them. I don’t think the 2 current episodes are enough to go out and shell full price on the remaining episodes, but if number 3 is more like this one, I may just recommend you do.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B(1)

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