Corsair unveiling new products Computex 2016


Last year at Computex 2015 was when we got our first real look at the Corsair Bulldog and Lapdog. This year, we are seeing Corsair get back to their roots with a list of more traditional PC components as well as some very nice upgrades to them.

First off, they are really going old school and showing off a pair of new DDR4 DRAM sticks, the Vengeance LED, and the Dominator Platinum. The Platinum uses Samsung IC’s, and features a super sexy heat spreader design which can dissipate all that sweet overclocking heat.


Another exciting product is the return of Corsair and MSI’s graphics card partnership with the NVIDIA GeForce Hydro GFX 1080. MSI builds the card, Corsair attaches the liquid cooling, and what you are left with is a really awesome GPU. Having just built a gaming rig with the Corsair/MSI 980 Hydro, I am telling you that this card is a silent beast!

Also getting shown off at Computex are some new LED fans, and a white version of the Corsair Carbide 500c case. With last year’s Bulldog and Lapdog announcement, we caught a glimpse of some new products from Corsair, and this year it looks like we are getting some welcomed new updates to some already well established gear.


For more info on Corsairs new line of products:


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