Choose #TeamCap with this Civil War casual-to-cosplay jacket


In the world of cross-play (gender swapping cosplay), it seems many females are limited to a ‘sexy’ version of costumes. So instead of portraying our favorite heroes, we’re subjected to the sexified costume version of Steve Rogers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes it’d be nice to just wear something that was made for the boys, but cut for our body types. This is where New American Jackets comes in.

Capt America jacketDesigned and cut from Captain America’s Civil War uniform for women, this varsity leather jacket can be worn for cosplay purposes, cosplay-bounding, or just a casual night out with your friends. The jacket does have some subtle differences from Captain’s actual costume, such as the chest design and the shoulder logo color, but does not take away from its visual appeal. It’s an absolutely stunning jacket.

It is beautifully designed and perfectly stitched together. This is the most important part, because stitching leather is extremely difficult and must be done very carefully. Having worked with leather for many previous cosplays, the stitching between individual panels is usually the most difficult. The jacket’s stitching is actually perfect. The leather quality is also pretty sturdy, including the lining of the jacket which contains a pocket to store your phone or wallet (which is pretty important at conventions). Another piece that the jacket includes, that many do not, is the Avengers logo patch sewn onto each side of the jacket’s shoulder.


Despite the attention to detail and quality, it isn’t without flaws. The design of the jacket only looks right when you have it fully zipped, because of the star on the chest. The star is sewn on the right side of the jacket and is attached to the other side by velcro. If left opened, the star would just be dangling on one side. Of course, this would be difficult to design because it was meant to be a casual-to-cosplay jacket, not a full costume where you would place it on from the back. CaptainAmericaJacket2

As for fitting, the jacket size was accurate to the sizing details provided on the site, but I did run into a problem. Although the sizing of my jacket did fit my torso, arms, and shoulders, there was some difficulty with the fitting around the chest area. It was only after taping my chest down, did the it fully fit correctly. For that issue, I recommend going one size up if that is important to you. For me, it wasn’t a bother because the jacket was still comfortable and I felt like a badass wearing it.

There is something amazing about cosplaying a heroic character and actually having their costume. It definitely does help you gain the mindset of the character. As a fan of Captain America, this is definitely a must have. It could be worn for any occasion – cosplay, casual, or even a night out at the bar. And yes, this it will keep you warm.

Overall, the jacket is beautifully made and is the perfect conversation starter for anyone who wants to chat about Marvel and good ‘ole Captain America. Also, with the purchase of this jacket, New American Jackets will throw in a pair of sunglasses, similar to the one Cap wore in the movie. So yes, you could even feel more badass.

You can purchase the Captain America Leather Jacket, plus other cool jackets at New America Jackets. Don’t worry guys, they also have the men’s version here.


The Captain America Civil War Leather Jacket was provided by for review.

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