Videogame BANG! Ep. 138: For the Watch w/ Orange Lounge Radio’s Sky

videogame bang

The stars have aligned and planets are hovering above us, cause the Videogame BANG! is coming at you, crossover style. In the studio Cory, The real David Webb, and Sir Aaron Carter welcome Orange Lounge Radio’s very own Rob Roberts, better known as Skie. The civil war is hot and fresh as the VGB crew discuss which system to get Overwatch on, PC or console.

We also touch on Overwatch’s direct competitor, Battleborn, and how the prices drop. Uncharted is blowing up the scene and the VGB has to touch on it, and of course with E3 ever looming, we hit up a list to see what E3 could bring to shock the world, and give our collective agrees, or disagree.

With so much content in the LBC, it’s kind of hard fitting all of it in the VGB, but hit that play button and see if we can on this week’s Videogame BANG!

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