New Mega Man design for the upcoming cartoon is surprisingly odd

mega man cartoon

Last year there was news that a new Mega Man cartoon was currently in development for a 2017 release, the year of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary. Sure the series may be in need of a change to catch the interest of new fans, but fans who grew up with the series are still as passionate as ever, buying merchandise like the Mega Man replica Helmet and Mega Buster in the last year.

The cartoon series is being handled by Dentsu Entertainment with Man of Action on as executive producers. When I first heard that Man of Action would be working on this project, I felt relieved because of the work they’ve done on Ben 10, Generator Rex and Big Hero 6 (the comic, not the movie). One thing Man of Action has proven over the years is that they are able to create characters and worlds that really catch the fans’ attentions. I was looking forward to seeing this new iteration of Mega Man in person when it finally releases. Of course, the one thing I am not exactly a fan of so far is Mega Man’s design.


It’s not bad. I mean it looks far better than previous American Mega Man cartoons, but it looks like it was created using Flash with Tron as a reference.

So what do we know about the character so far? Well first of all his name is Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot who lives in Silicon Valley. When activated, his skin re-forms into a suit of impenetrable nanocore armor, which will also include his iconic Mega Buster arm cannon and helmet.

The Mega Man cartoon will feature familiar faces from the video game series, which means we should see faces like Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily, and possibly Roll and Proto Man.

“The best thing about Mega Man is his unflinching wide-eyed optimism and an over-the-top sense of humor. This show reflects both qualities. We’ve got it all in here, it’s hopeful, forward-leaning, action-packed… It’s full-on fun ahead!” said Man of Action’s Duncan Rouleau.

How do you feel about this new Mega Man?

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