Twitch streamers can now use ‘Clips’ to share streams through social media


Twitch has announced today, via a blog post, that users can now create 30-second videos, known as “Clips” and share them via social media.

The 30-second videos will be triggered by using a new “clip” button on the stream command console. This triggers the previous 25 seconds of gameplay footage to be captured, as well as the next 5 seconds in order to create the final clip. Each video will have an embedded link that will take those who click on it back to the broadcaster’s stream – regardless of whether they are still live, or have gone offline.

“When you share a Clip with your friends, they can jump right in and join you in the live stream. If the stream has already wrapped up, they can follow the streamer or keep watching the recorded broadcast right where the Clip left off. Your Twitch ID is at the top of every Clip you make, so you’ll always get credit for being the first to spot something great.”

Noreen McInnis of Twitch further states that “Clips are available now to a portion of viewers on some Partnered channels, and we will be making them available for all viewers of the coming weeks.”

So what do you think of all this? Do you stream yourself, and will you be making use of these new features as they roll out? Let us know in the comments below.

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