Next King of Fighters XIV trailer takes a look at Team Fatal Fury


SNK has uploaded a new team trailer, and this time it focuses on Team Fatal Fury, which consists of veteran fighters Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi.

While we’ve seen Terry and Andy in action in previous trailers, we get a better look at their combo potential as well as Terry’s incredibly high damage output, especially in his Climax cancel combo that takes out about 75% of his opponent’s life. You also notice his Crack Shoot attack can bounce opponents off of the ground leading into a follow-up which we’ve only seen with a few characters including Kyo.

This is also our first good look at Joe, and he remains unchanged. While his Climax isn’t shown, he still looks like a great zoning character who can at you from the back of the screen and mix up his high and low attacks to be tricky.

The King of Fighters XIV will be released on August 23rd exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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