Create your favorite Skylanders team in new mobile card game, Skylanders Battlecast

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With Skylanders being the first video game to introduce and really show off just how fun the toys-to-life market can be, it’s no surprise that Activision wants to reach out to new fans while giving longtime fans something new to enjoy. Meet the free-to-play mobile card game, Skylanders Battlecast, a variation of the Activision-Blizzard’s massively popular card game, Hearthstone. It is developed by Activision Publishing and is currently available to download on iOS and Android devices, along with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

In Skylanders Battlecast, you will be able to create your own deck of 30 cards, complete with three Skylanders to take into battle. The game has a Pokemon-type feel where you have one Skylander in the front row to battle, with two in the back offering support, and you can swap them back and forth during your turn. Players can collect up to 300 Character, Spell, Gear and Relic cards, as they will fight their way through more than 60 missions across eight elemental islands. The game offers a fun new way to enjoy the series as the game offers both a fun and enjoyable game for those just looking to have some fun with their favorite Skylanders, while also offering a strategic element of play, complete with variations and multiple decks types that can take advantage of which Skylanders you take into battle.

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Players will be able to select between a single player campaign or casual PvP matches with opponents online. It will include a ranked mode at a later date as players spend some time learning the game and to make their decks. For players who just want to jump into it, there is an option for the computer to randomly build your deck. The game will have players take turns as they use cards based on the amount of crystals or mana they have per turn just like in Hearthstone.

Adding more packs to the collection will be as simple as purchasing packs with in-game currency you earn from single player campaign, daily challenges, online play. You can spend real world money for digital packs or at select retailers. You can purchase between Battle Packs or Booster packs that feature physical cards to collect and play, and you can add it to your library by simply scanning them, which gives a whole new meaning to “Cards to Life.”


Battle packs will include 22 cards, which include three character cards and exclusive character abilities to use and will retail for $9.99. The booster pack will retail for $4.99 and feature 8 cards per pack, including a foil variant card.

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Currently, the game will feature 24 different Skylanders from every Skylander video game starting from 2011’s Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure up to last year’s Skylanders: SuperChargers, with more to come.

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