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Overwatch is set to take the gaming world by storm, but I can’t help to wonder what great game did Blizzard leave in the dust to bring us Overwatch?

Overwatch is an arena first-person shooter set in a world that has a rich and vibrant lore with fun and exciting characters only Blizzard can bring. But Blizzard has stated that this wasn’t always the game that was to be. Originally Overwatch was supposed to be entirely different, an MMO codenamed Titan. Now you would think why would Blizzard put out another MMO when they’ve already got a massive MMO on the hands called World of Warcraft? Well Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime believed that with the release of Titan, both games could coexist. World of Warcraft was going strong and no other game looked to kill it off. Let’s face it, if anybody could create a WoW killer, it would be the people who created WoW.

For years different news media sources would hear small bits and pieces from Blizzard about the progression of project Titan but never actually getting their eyes on the project. The overall statement that Blizzard would put out is the game is well under development and is going to take a long time to complete. Which is pretty standard for a Blizzard game. By 2014 the game had been officially cancelled by Blizzard with Kotaku reporting that the game was described as a “massive multiplayer PC game and which players could both maintain none come back professions and shoot their way through death matches on a sci-fi version of earth”

Having researched the project once call Titan more, I found that Blizzard was actually shooting for quite an ambitious MMO that they wanted to feel like a real living city seemingly ran by players, a world where the player had the options to live out two lives, sort of like a superhero. The world would respond to you, even going as far as to having NPCs treat you differently depending on your constant interaction with them. All that sounded like Blizzard wanted to break from the norm and be different, and I can’t help but imagine with all the lore that’s been released for Overwatch that was meant for Titan, what kind of fleshed-out world this MMO would have been.

So I posed the question, will Blizzard ever shoot for the ambition that they shot for with project Titan? Did the dream of a game that was so groundbreaking they had to cancel it so that it wouldn’t cannibalize anything else they’ve ever made? With there being such a lack of groundbreaking games in mainstream games, could reaching so far beyond the norm scare a mainstream developer like Blizzard into worrying about failure?

I’d like to think that all that creativity and ambition that Blizzard wanted for Titan is going to be channeled into Overwatch, but there is still some part of me that thinks, what would that next-gen MMO by Blizzard be like, and would it have changed the way we looked at MMOs altogether? Hopefully Blizzard or another company decides to shoot for the star.

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