The best nerdy toys for the month of May

Although the month of May isn’t completely over yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t picked out my absolute favorite nerdy related toys for the month so far. As the months go by, technology seems to get better and better. Soon enough, we’ll have to finally accept Google as our overlords, am I right? Anyways, as always, one of my top places to get all my nerdy gadgets is none other than ThinkGeek. And I believe it’s just about time to talk about some of the stuff they had in this month that I’m really jealous I don’t have – yet.

First up, the BB-8 Car Charger.

I saw the link to the product on the front page when I first opened up the website, and I needed it so badly. Not wanted, needed. Just like any other car charger, it plugs into power adapter and boom. But let’s be real, we all want this because it’s cute as heck and would look super cool in your car. Not only that, you have the opportunity to charge two phones at once, and still be the best nerd around doing it.

Secondly, these space lollipops.

Planet lollipops!

I mean come on, that was a given, right? The treats are handmade, and look so realistic. Each one has a different flavor, and although I, as a person, would rather save them for decoration opposed to eating them, they all have really cool flavors. Check it out:

  • Sun – Marshmallow
  • Mercury – Tropical Punch
  • Venus – Cherry
  • Earth – Cotton Candy
  • Mars – Pear
  • Jupiter – Key Lime
  • Saturn – Guava
  • Uranus – Blackberry
  • Neptune – Mango
  • Pluto – Strawberry / Kiwi

PS, Pluto is there. Oh happy day!

Next, this Star Trek heat coffee cup.

star trek beam me up scotty

The first thing that I saw that included the whole heat aspect was that coffee cup with the 8-bit heart. Now, I feel like every coffee cup has this feature. I’m just glad this one is Star Trek related.

The “Beam Me Up, Scotty” themed coffee cup has Kirk on one side and the Command insignia. Kirk appears in the transporter pad as you fill up your cup with any hot substance. But get this, it’s a to-go cup, which is my favorite part of the whole thing. Getting to show off how big of a Star Trek nerd I am mixed with enjoying a nice cup of coffee almost seems like a dream to me!

Staying on the Star Trek topic, let’s talk about this amazing next geeky toy. Oh my goodness, a badge-themed clock. Yep, I said it, and it’s real.

Star Trek Clock

This clock is by far my favorite thing on the list, and I am most definitely going to invest in this. It’s so cool and fits in perfectly with any nerdy decor. Personally, I am a huge fan of incorporating geeky pieces in my house subtly. I like to have little things here and there to go along with modern decorations, to remind people and myself that I am a huge nerd. This is perfect for that.

Lastly, one of the best things on the list, but definitely the most expensive, is this amazing typewriter-themed keyboard.

This is something that I’ve seen floating around here and there, but this one is the coolest yet. It connects to any device via Bluetooth and serves the purpose of a normal keyboard. However, it’s just way prettier and if you’re a vintage lover, oh man, this is 100% for you. Although it’s a little on the expensive side, if you’re looking to binge, please make it on this. And then tag us in all of your pictures of it so we can drool.

Have any other things you’re loving this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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