‘Star Trek Beyond’ welcomes fans to an exclusive experience


Paramount, Bad Robot, and CBS welcomed selected Star Trek fans from all walks of life onto Paramount Studios to celebrate the upcoming film, Star Trek Beyond. Fans were greeted by entering Stage 32, which housed the original series back in 1966. In celebration of Star Trek Beyond and the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the series, several videos were showcased before the event began. It started with a video of the cast and several celebrities expressing how much Star Trek meant to them in fifty seconds.

Afterward, a gag reel from the new film was shown which had the cast and crew talking about their fun experience working on the set with new Trek director Justin Lin. Once the video ended, Mythbusters’ Adam Savage came out and welcomed the anxious audience and moderated the talks between executive producer J.J. Abrams and director Justin Lin in the first round of interviews. Lin, who was in the middle of finishing the final touches of the film, took some time off to talk to the fans about his Trek fandom and being asked by Abrams to work on the film.

Abrams and Lin then announced that they will be having their world premiere for the film at San Diego Comic-Con with an orchestra and the works. Abrams then surprised the audience with their own premiere passes to attend the event which was met with enthusiastic cheers.


After Abrams and Lin left the stage, Savage welcomed Karl Urban, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto onto the stage where they proceeded to talk about their experiences on set. Quinto’s favorite part of filming is just “spending time with these people who are incredible.” Urban added his input later on as he hugged Pine, “This is like a fraternity; you’re forced to hang out. There is so much love.”

After the Q&A, Savage told the audience that there will be a street naming ceremony in honor of Leonard Nimoy. Quinto said a few words about the legendary actor before revealing the plaque that hands on Stage 32 – Leonard Nimoy Way.

leonard nimoy way

The fans then returned inside Stage 32 where they were greeted with a message from actor and co-writer, Simon Pegg. Pegg, who was away filming, apologized for not being at the event, but hope that fans enjoyed the new trailer. After the fans got a taste of the trailer, Lin surprised the group with 15 minutes of clips from the film and it was excellent. After the the high from the film, the doors opened up to an after party filled with Star Trek Beyond costumes and props from the set. What a night to be a Star Trek fan!


Star Trek Beyond releases in theaters on July 22nd.

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