Magic the Gathering journeys to Kaladesh in September


Lately, the Wizards of the Coast team seems to be making the official press releases about new products and sets earlier and earlier, and that is a very good thing. While we are absolutely loving the latest Innistrad set Shadows Over Innistrad, we still have Eldrich Moon that is set to release in July, and now it has been announced that the next new set will be called: Kaladesh.

Kaladesh is home to one of the most popular Planeswalkers: Chandra Nalaar. This new Plane looks refreshingly different than the more dubious ones we have seen lately like Zendikar and Innistrad. In fact, for me, it somewhat resembles a more whimsical version of somewhere like Dorne in Game of Thrones.

More information, leaks and what have you will be released in the coming months, but what we do know as of now is that this will be a two block set, and you can get your hands on these cards during prerelease events at your local comic shop the weekend of September 24th.


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