Gotham season finale ‘Transference’ has finally lost control

*Review contains spoilers*

Tonight’s Gotham season finale brought out all the villains we have dealt with before – Mr. Freeze, Firefly, Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), Butch (Drew Powell), Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), Barbara (Erin Richards), and Strange (BD Wong) – for a showstopping conclusion for the season. It’s no wonder this season were so focused on villains, because in the end – they were all released. Although we do not know who or what were released in the finale episode, it does prepare us for the next season for whoever is left to fight them – including a Bruce Wayne clone.

The episode was a bit underwhelming compared to the previous episodes that left us surprised with twists and turns of crazy. Dr. Strange was always in control of the situation in his asylum but is then turned into a scared chicken when confronted with any sort of danger. It was a bit disappointing to see that coming from the brainchild of the entire villains operation. Wong has been brilliant as the calm, manipulative doctor, but it’d be great to see Wong expand that character into a more ruthless role. With Strange’s arrest, I do hope we see the more desperate, vengeful and murderous Dr. Strange we’ve seen in the comics. It’d be a side of Wong we’ve never seen before in his previous roles.

After seeing McKenzie always playing the straight-laced Gordon throughout the whole series, it was a bit fun to see McKenzie fool around as the guy pretending to be Gordon. The scene was actually pretty funny because we’re so used to seeing serious Jim Gordon all the time.

Of course, we know the main leaders are the secret society members of Wayne Enterprises who are the real ones in charge – the Court of Owls. We will be officially introduced to them next season. With Gordon gone to find Lee, it’s all up to Bruce Wayne, his team (Alfred, Lucious Fox, and Selina), and Bullock to stop them… as well as the escaped monsters released by Fish Mooney.

Oh, Fish is back. I don’t think Butch could handle it, especially since he has found love again in Tabitha. Imagine next season Butch has to pick between the two women in his life he loved. I did enjoy the evolution of Butch this season. He always played the right-hand man to someone and finally, he is his own boss and got to deliver the fatal blow at Galavan with a freaking rocket launcher. Of course, he did it for Cobblepot, but only to protect Tabitha. Although I don’t understand why he’s working for Cobblepot, I thought he was done with that group. But, he did abandon Cobblepot in the end, so he may not have been loyal.

Now with Fish returning, this is going to cause serious problems for the Court of Owls and our heroes trying to stop it all. I wonder how they are going to label next season’s crazy storylines. This season introduced a number of villains from the DC series, but it can’t just be about creating more villains next season. Will we see a season with Bruce and his team becoming vigilantes? Are we getting closer to Bruce Wayne’s transformation? We’ve seen our villains, maybe it’s time for the rise of heroes.

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