Throw rocks like a girl with League’s newest champion Taliyah


Patch 6.10 has launched and Riot has finally given us another traditional mage for everyone to unleash their inner need of raining down destruction upon their enemies. This time our newest champion wields power over the land itself, with the ability to weave stones into both projectiles and massive walls to separate friends from foes. Here are her kit and spotlight video to get you ready weave stones with the best of em.


Rock Surfing:

  • When out of combat, Taliyah build speed whenever traveling next to walls.


Threaded Volley:

  • Passive: Taliyah gains movement speed when traversing worked ground.
  • Active: Taliyah rips up the ground at her feet to throw a volley of 5 shards of earth in a target direction while moving freely. Threaded Volley converts the ground beneath her into worked ground for a few minutes, additional casts of threaded volley over worked ground will only yield one rock projectile.


Seismic Shove:

  • Taliyah marks a target location. After a brief delay the ground erupts knocking up and damaging all enemies in the blast zone. Prior to eruption Taliyah can recast Seismic Shove to knock targets in a specified direction.


Unraveled Earth:

  • Taliyah Scatters boulders on the ground in front of her in a large cone, opponents crossing the field take damage and after a few a seconds the field will erupt and damage all caught inside.


Weavers Wall:

  • After a short channel Taliyah summons a massive wall of rock that tears through the map in a specified direction, casting it a second time during the first few seconds of the spell will allow Taliyah to ride her wall as it is being summoned. Taking damage or entering a command will knock her off the wall causing her trip to end sooner than expected.

After spending some quality time with and against Taliyah, she is a great fit for those who like a more mobile-type mage with solid poke potential and the ability to separate your foes so that you may easily divide and conquer.

Check out her Spotlight video below to see all her stone weaving skills in action.

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