Destiny expansion ‘Rise of Iron’ leaked?

destiny rise of iron

E3 is only a few weeks away, but it appears the party is slowly getting started. Earlier today, a Destiny marketing poster was posted on Reddit that appears to be Destiny’s newest expansion: Rise of Iron. No details are released yet, but Kotaku has received word from Bungie that the poster is authentic. There is also word that a new “Fallen Themed” raid will be a part of the next expansion.

Specific details are said to be announced officially at E3, but what’s causing the most buzz is who is standing front and center on the poster. Lord Saladin, leader of the Iron Banner, is seen wielding a flaming axe alongside three wolves. This has led some speculation that the raid could be the one that was cut from the House of Wolves expansion. For now we can only assume what role Lord Saladin will take inĀ Rise of Iron.

With Bungie officially moving Destiny 2 to a 2017 release date, it would only make sense for another Taken King style expansion to fill in the Fall 2016 slot and Rise of Iron appears to be it. We’ll report more when announced at E3.

What are your thoughts or theories aboutĀ Rise of Iron? Let us know below!

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