Details released on Far Harbor, Fallout 4’s latest DLC

Far Harbor

After the breakout success of Bethesda Game Studio’s post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4, it was inevitable that the developer would be launching some DLC expansions. But thankfully, it has done right by the franchise, taking the time to create DLC that is actually worth the cost of entry. Following up their superbly made DLC add-on, Automaton, is the upcoming release, Far Harbor (available on PS4, Xbox One and PC today!). The team at Bethesda released a new developer video that talks about some of the highlights of this new expansion.

Some highlights from the new release:

  • There are three main factions in Far Harbor, the Children of Atom, the Far Harbor townspeople, and the Synths
  • There are some sweet new weapons such as a meat hook and harpoon gun, and lever action hunting rifle
  • There are new creatures that are, not surprisingly, coastal-centric, that are inspired by salamanders and anglers, as well as a mutated Mirelurk called a Fog Crawler

This new DLC is set to greatly expand both the world and the story of the Commonwealth that Bethesda has created. And as someone who has enjoyed every bit of the 100+ hours exploring this immersive wasteland, I can’t wait to head to the harbor.

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