Ubisoft brings ‘Conflict’ to The Division in 1.2 update

the division conflict update

Massive and Ubisoft have done a great job so far with The Division and keeping things fun and exciting. Well, that’s as long as you don’t get mass amounts of Rogue Agents chasing you down in the Dark Zone, or trying to steal your loot upon extraction. In any event, the game has been doing well, especially after their recent 1.1 Update in April that introduced Incursions into the fray, as well as other new mechanics. It’s now May and you know what that means, Update 1.2 should be coming soon.

Massive has decided to release a trailer for the upcoming “Conflict” update, and some of what we expect to see in it. Right from the start, there’s a lot of new mechanics and gameplay being brought to the table. Here’s what we know so far:

Clear Skies Incursion

We’ll get the chance to play through a brand new Incursion located at the top of the map in Columbus Circle. In this instance, you will be going up against the Riker, who have taken control of an anti-air defensive missile site, formerly owned by the LMB. There’s not much other information available yet on the structure of this Incursion, but I can only assume it will be in the same wave format as Falcon Lost.

New Gear Sets

Of course as with a new Incursion must come new gear sets, and just like before, there will be 4 available: Predator’s Mark (Striker), Hunter’s Faith (Sniper), Lone Star (Survivor), and Final Measure (Defuser). Now, there isn’t much to go on regarding the Defuser class and what it entails, but my guess is that it will pertain to some sort of objective within the new Incursion, as well as possibly being able to hack sticky bombs and mines.

High Value Targets

It looks like Massive wants to get a lot more use out of their enormous sprawling PvE map other than just Daily/Weekly Missions. There will now be an HVT (High Value Target) vendor at your Base of Operations, and from them you can access a “hit list.” The targets on this list vary from easy to very hard, and each target does have a recommended gear score accompanying it.

Rewards look to be regular credits, but hopefully the more difficult targets will net you Phoenix Credits. One important thing to note though, if you do go after a target, you only have one opportunity to take them down. If you fail, then that target is gone for good from your list. No word yet on whether or not the list resets at any point.

Rope Cutting in the Dark Zone

As if some players are already annoying enough to deal with in the Dark Zone, Massive has decided to up the possible frustration factor. Not only are you going to contend with NPC’s and Rogues trying to kill you while you extract, but now players have the ability to cut the rope after items have been placed for extraction. I’m not too sure why the decision was made to include that in the update, but I’m guessing it has something to do with adding more “realism” to the game. We’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

You’re probably wondering when all this will be available to players. Don’t fret because it’s coming sooner than you think. The new update will be available on May 24th. For now, check out the Conflict trailer below.


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