System Shock Remastered Kickstarter goes live on June 29

Last November, Night Dive Studios, the current owners of the System Shock franchise, announced in an exclusive story by Polygon that they would be remaking the very first game. In March, they released a trailer showing off some glorious Pre-Alpha gameplay running on Unity that you can check out below.

Yesterday, however, bigger news struck on Night Dive’s Facebook Page that the remake titled System Shock Remastered would be funded through Kickstarter beginning on June 29th. Before this, the studio was discussing various ways to receive funding for the game and crowdfunding was the most popular choice.

These past 8 months have been quite exciting for System Shock fans starting with the release of System Shock: Enhanced Edition, the announcement of this remake, and most importantly the confirmation of System Shock 3 being developed by Otherside Entertainment with Warren Spector as Studio Director. We will update you on both games as their stories continue.

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