Steam 2016 Summer Sale date leaked?

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So a screenshot found on reddit earlier today may have solidified when this year’s team sale would take place:

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So, of course, everyone’s scrambling to get their wallets out to be the first ones to get those early bird specials. The bigger question is what exactly will be going on sale. One of the more named titles by users is GTA V, which still retails on Steam for $60 surprisingly. There’s also a lot of speculation that not only was this leak planned¬†but that also the sale will be mainly about “indie” games and shovelware, though there’s no proof of that just yet.

But how about you, readers? What games do you think will go on sale? Do you think a lot of fake devs will use this as a cash grab if they sell a shoddy game for 47 cents? Only time will tell, and it’s only a month away, so save up those pennies and gear up for this year’s Steam Summer Sale!

Source: Reddit

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