Chronicles of Elyria will change the way you look at MMOs

Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria is a dream MMO set to change the way you look at MMOs altogether, and through the power of Kickstarter, it will now be a reality.

Chronicles of Elyria is the brainchild of Soulbound Studios and it has set its ambitions very high with this game. From destructible environments to a character that actually ages and dies at some point, the guys at Soulbound Studios are looking to cram the game with a plethora of new mechanics to the MMO world, while shying away from the old.


The game looks to focus more on the skill of the player rather than the player grinding to look for the best gear. With a combat system that requires you to dodge, parry, and watch your stamina Chronicles of Elyria looks to get players invoked with their characters and give their actions more meaning. Your character will improve in the skills most used making you character more personal to you play style. Chronicles of Elyria has done away with auto attacks all together allowing players to create combos depending on the click of you mouse, with each weapon feeling different.


A unique feature of the game is the contract system that allows players to give out quests. Say you start your own business and you need merchandise for your store, with the contract system you can now hire a live player to do your bidding. I can see this making for some very unique quests depending on the community overall.

In most games if the story requires your character to be “chosen one”, you’re never the only one. Anybody that has the game is also the “chosen one” essentially making you less special. In Chronicles of Elyria, your actions in the world will make you special. Get married, buy land, have kids, raise an army, the choices you make will echo throughout the life of the game.

There will also be survival aspects to Chronicles of Elyria. Maybe you’re in a harsh desert or a frozen tundra and you begin to starve. The elements may be just as much of a danger as the mobs in the game. You will have to be aware of your characters condition at all time.

The goal for their Kickstarter was set high at $900,000, but they have exceeded it. I have only scratched the surface of all the content planned for Chronicles of Elyria and with more backers jumping on the hype train, throwing cash at Soulbound Studios, I’m excited to see where they can take the MMO genre.

For more info on Chronicles of Elyria check out their Kickstarter.

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