Orient City, a violent 2D-animated samurai Western flick

Orient City cover

Now here’s something that I just had to share with our readers. There’s a new 2D-animated short film in the works called Orient City: Ronin and the Princess from creators Ryan Colucci and Zsombor Huszka. What makes this interesting is that it’s promising to be an action-packed and bloody film inspired by anime, samurai and Spaghetti Western movies. With Hollywood churning over CG-animated flicks, it’s nice to see a project like this sticking to hand-drawn animation.

An unforgiving place, Orient City is a vertical tangle of rock and skyscrapers interconnected with waterways and cable cars. The poor, quite literally, dwell at the bottom. At the center of it all is Boshi, a fallen samurai who has sworn to protect a young girl whose family has been assassinated. Together they head to Orient City for one thing… revenge.

You can check out the high-production value and the stylized opening below.

Check out the stills below.

orient city - 03

orient city - 01

orient city - 03b

However, the creators need your help. The script, storyboards, animatics, and scenery are done, but they still need help with the actual finalized animation. It’s a tall order since it will require 6,000 frames.

Zsombor can do around 20 keyframes per day, but that would take forever since he’d have to do this for 15 months full-time. That’s where Kickstarter comes in. If the campaign succeeds, he’ll be able to do the necessary 1,000 keyframes while also setting the colors for each sequence. The rest will be aided by colorists and in-between character animators for the rest of the 5,000 frames.

To help support the film, you can pledge at its Kickstarter page.

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