Help these Sacramento Dreamers open a craft Coffee and Comics shop downtown


In a day and age where we are told all the time to follow our dreams, rarely does it seem to happen. Taking big risks are easier said than done and often we are stopped by the fear of what people with think about us or losing financial security that our 9-5 job provides. Well in downtown Sacramento there is a contest being held by Downtown Sacramento Partnership happening right now that is meant to inspire and support big dreamers called the Calling All Dreamers Contest. It takes local entrepreneurs with big ideas and gives them direction, support, and most importantly a chance to win a start-up services package worth $100,000, a small cash prize, and assistance with opening the winning idea a storefront location as early as November 2016. The contest has worked its way down to the final five, where now the winner will be determined by a public vote.

Oblivion Coffee & Comics is aiming to mix the world of high-quality craft coffee brew with an inclusive comic book shop atmosphere. The very name Oblivion is inspired by the Oblivion Bar from the DC Comics universe. In Northern California, the cosplay, gamer, and comic book fan community is very much on the rise. Attendance for conventions like Sac-Con, Sac Anime, and Sac Gamers Expo are rising year after year. Recently another geek culture based bar-cade called the Coin-Op has opened with some great success, becoming a rally point for the community. Seeing what Coin-Op has done to the bar scene for Downtown Sacramento is all the proof we need to see what Oblivion can potentially do for the coffee and comic book scene. It’s rare do we get an opportunity to have a direct voice like this in determining the opening of a store like this. Not only is it awesome that we can pull the Northern California geeks together to make this shop a reality, we also have a chance to make dreams come true for geek entrepreneurs like Laura and Neil.

Laura has been a part of the Sacramento cosplay community with cosplay group Ctrl+Z and has been wanting to make the dream of Oblivion Comics and Coffee for quite some time. I asked her how winning the Calling All Dreamers contest would change her and her business partner’s life.

“[Winning] would help transition Oblivion Comics & Coffee from a dream into reality and allow us more freedom to host events a lot sooner than originally planned,” Laura said. “We’re ready to exchange our cubicles and work desks for a hot cup of coffee, a graphic novel, and a geeky conversation with shop regulars.”

Becoming an entrepreneur and opening a business takes a lot of guts. For a lot of us nine to five people, the thought of quitting our jobs is terrifying. “There’s always an obviously huge financial risk for any start­up,” says Laura. “A competitor could pop up in town that can make us fight harder for our patrons, but we’ve worked too hard, with so much vigour, to let it slip through our fingers. We have the plans and the mode for action and we gladly take on these risks to share our dream with downtown.”

Whether you are a comic book fan, cosplayer, gamer, or identify with geek culture in general this is a chance for you to make a difference in the lives of some very bold people. The voting is open to the public so no matter where you live or where you’re from, you are eligible to vote. You may vote with as many e-mail addresses you own and there is no annoying verification e-mails or anything like that.

To vote just follow the link.

  • Select Oblivion Comics and Coffee from the dropdown box.
  • Enter your email address and share with your friends.

Check out their pitch video:

Downtown Sacramento Partnership is putting on the Calling All Dreamers competition. For more information visit

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