Kevin Smith wants to write for CW’s Arrow

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Many people might not be aware, but last night’s episode of The Flash was directed by Kevin Smith. After the awesome episode of the Flash, we, of course, did The Flash Reaction and Review video. Now Kevin Smith wants to write for Arrow, a show he has long said he had no interest in, in an interview with Variety. This wouldn’t be the first time Kevin Smith has dabbled in ink when it comes to the Green Arrow. (He did the Quiver, a ten-issue Green Arrow story arc.)

“I prefer not writing the episode because what we were able to do with me not writing it was, at least for me, substantial and wonderful … just as a directing exercise, I was so happy with it, so I wouldn’t want to write on ‘Flash.’ I would, though, like to write on ‘Arrow.'”

“I would love to jump in for a one or two episode arc just to bring that Onomatopoeia character to life,” he said about bringing his villain to life. “That would be so bad-ass, I created this character in the comics and then to do a live-action version of it that fit into their universe, fit into the run of their show? That would be exciting to me, that’s the one I can get my head around writing, but ‘Flash,’ whenever they bring me back, I think I prefer somebody else doing it. I heard rumor that when I go back, I think Zack might be writing my script again, which would be amazing. We’d be keeping the home team together, so that’d be cool.”

So not only would he be returning to direct another episode of The Flash with the same writer, he could potentially do the same on Arrow if allowed.

Would you like to see him give CW’s Arrow a taste of the comic book version written by himself?

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