SteelSeries APEX M500 Keyboard review


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When it comes to computer accessories, keyboards are a dime a dozen. When shopping for a one, it’s often very easy to become overwhelmed in the sea of possibilities. There are many things to consider when picking out a keyboard including its switches, size, comfort, durability and not to mention bonus features that manufacturers use to win your purchasing decisions. SteelSeries has been around for as long as I can remember buying  computer parts, and I have always known them for its quality and dependability. Its newest keyboard the APEX M500 keyboard has tons of features and is built like a tank.

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Details that Matter

Everybody uses keyboards for different things, but if you’re a gamer, then chances are you are looking for a keyboard with high responsiveness and a low force requirement to actuate. The M500 uses the very popular cherry red switches which give excellent feedback when keystrokes are recognized as well as make it possible for repeated input. These facts make the cherry red switches the optimum choices for gamers. After putting in countless hours for some of my favorite MMOs, MOBAs, shooters and even a few action games, I can confirm my previous statement as fact. Each and every component of this keyboard is built with specific reasons. The odd-shaped indents on the bottom of the keyboard are strategically engineered to give to improve its structural integrity. The function keys have also been customized with extra media keys to quickly adjust the volume and rewind or fast forward with ease.

Apex M500 Cherry MX Red Switch

Extra Features

Utilizing SteelSeries Engine 3, you can program macros, customize the brightness of your keys, change the lighting pattern like fading in and out, and alter your keyboards polling rate to affect how often your keyboard and computer talk to one another. It is extremely easy to create macros and profiles that can be customized for all your gaming needs, with no prior knowledge needed. The 100% Anti-Ghosting technology has 104 key rollover to ensure precision no matter how fast gamers like myself play. This will prevent those accidental keys from being pressed so that you don’t enter an incorrect command in the situations that matters most. The 3 separate cable grooves proved more than enough for simple cable management needed from this keyboard.

Apex M500 cable management system

Final Reaction

Just like SteelSeries has set out to create a more affordable tournament quality keyboard and from early reports from pro gamers and myself definitely confirm that. This board is as sleek as it is tough to ensure that the exterior lives long enough for the interior and keys to last the intended 50 million keystrokes. I didn’t use the macros incredibly often but did give them a few test runs to see their practicality. The keys are a bit louder than I’d prefer but the sound is nice for knowing exactly when your keystrokes are registered. The cable for the keyboard is thick but still enclosed in typical material unlike other products that use more durable rope cables. This keyboard is great for its price for the gamers that wants to get a tournament quality keyboard without breaking the bank. While only time will tell about the durability of the keyboard, if my early results are any indication, then I don’t doubt it will last me for all my gaming needs for years to come.

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Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

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