Let’s go to Fanime!


Ah yes, it’s the month of May. And everywhere when this month comes around – I begin to plan what to do at my favorite convention. That’s right, ladies and gents, it is about time for Fanime!

For the past 6 years, I’ve been attending Fanime at the San Jose Convention Center in cosplay or regular attire. And every year, it deems itself as my favorite convention for many reasons. In order to prepare for this year’s con, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite things to do at Fanime and why you should go!

1. Cosplay

Obviously as the nerd world continues to expand, cosplay gets bigger and bigger. People go all out, and to me, I always see the best cosplay at Fanime. The guests the con brings in strategically plan out what they’re wearing, and I swear most of them are mechanical engineers with the way they put their costumes together. So, if you’re a fan of extensive cosplay, you’ve gotta go. I don’t know what it is about Fanime, but I’ve always seen the best costumes there. Perhaps it’s because it has always been one of the biggest anime cons since the beginning of time? We may never know.

2. Versatility

Now, what I mean by that, is the amount of things you can do in one day at the convention. Usually, at most cons, I tend to find myself rather bored and not sure what to do besides walk around mindlessly for a few hours with friends. But at Fanime, I’m never ever bored.

They offer so many panels, showings, events, and entertainment that I feel overwhelmed (in the best way possible) of all the options I have. My favorite part of it all is that when I’m feeling a bit tired from running around like a mad man, they’re showing so many shows in viewing rooms that I can just go in there and relax for a bit while watching one of my favorite animes. Now that’s the life, am I right?

3. Masquerade

Ahhhhh! I love every year when I get to watch the creative minds of people create some bad-ass stuff. And the fact that Fanime has their masquerade event in a separate building really makes it feel like I’m watching a proper play or musical.

If you’re unsure what a masquerade show is, it’s when a bunch of cosplayers enter in their skits and perform them in front of the convention attendees. And every year, those who go to Fanime bring it.

It makes me look forward to it every year, and again, I just really adore the fact it’s in a separate building. Most conventions have them in the same hall, but Fanime has such a big area that they really take up the entire downtown area of San Jose.

4. Special Guests

You have to understand that attendees go mad for the guests that are invited to conventions. It really plays a big part in most decision making in terms of whether or not to go to the con or not. And luckily, every year Fanime delivers with the best guests.

Fanime Guests!

I once had the privilege of meeting Kira Buckland at the convention, and she is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met!

But on top of that, they offer so much more. From Masaya Matsukaze (Sailor Moon Crystal, Ouran High School Host Club), to Sky Williams (YouTuber and Streamer), Fanime offers such a wide variety of amazing guests. And guess what? Both of those guys will be there this year!

But that’s not all, check out the list for all the guests attention this year here!

5. Dealer’s Hall and Artist’s Alley

I adore the dealer’s hall. For me, a lot of conventions are really hit and miss regarding the “shopping” area. Sometimes, I end up wandering around the hall a few times and then end up with nothing to do or buy.

At Fanime, that isn’t the case. Just alone in the dealer’s hall, I have so much fun! (As weird as that sounds.) There’s always music playing, the dealers offer the coolest stuff, the promotional booths are so fun, and it’s pretty collected when compared to crazy cons like AX or SDCC.

And the artist alley? Oh my. The best artists always show up at Fanime and along with the dealer’s, and they have the coolest things to offer.

Both of these two combined make it so fun – at least for me.

(Another thing that kind of goes hand in hand with these is the gaming room right next door. It’s super cool and you must check it out if you go!)

All of these things alone seem really basic – I get it. You might be telling yourself, “But Amber! All of these seems like normal convention aspects!”

But boy, let me reassure you. Fanime steps it up a notch. I always find myself looking forward to the convention as a whole and have the most fun while I’m there. I never miss out on this convention.  

All of these combined, make for the best con experience ever! And you’re free from May 27th to May 30th, I absolutely encourage you to go. You honestly will not regret it!

Check out the website here!

And if you’re interested in going (please do, you can see the NR gang there!) buy your tickets now!

We hope to see you there!

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