Gotham 2×20 ‘Unleashed’ Galavan remembers everything


Gotham was going through a lot of storylines this season and with just too many characters to keep up with. Fortunately, tonight’s episode dealt with two or three storylines – Azrael/Galavan/Bruce/Jim/Harvey/Strange, Cat/Firefly/Nygma, and Cobblepot/Butch/Tabitha.

With the last episode revealing Azrael as the newly resurrected Theo Galavan, we thought his entire goal would be to destroy Jim Gordon. Unfortunately, with Tabitha’s help, Galavan remembered that his whole purpose was to kill the son of Gotham – Bruce Wayne. After stabbing his sister in the stomach for her past betrayal, Galavan sets his sights on Bruce Wayne. The whole fight scene between Alfred and Galavan was fun to watch, especially checking out Sean Pertwee’s swordsmanship. Bruce was able to hold off the indestructible Galavan for a little while but was ultimately saved by Gordon. Of course, it was revealed that Galavan is really invincible by getting up after being filled with bullets. This is what happens when you’re created in a laboratory. However, as Cobblepot and Butch revealed, anything could be destroyed with a rocket launcher and quickly destroys him. The Azrael storyline seems pretty short. He was only shown in three episodes and that’s it. What a way to conclude Theo Galavan’s storyline but with a rocket launcher. The scene was pretty entertaining and enjoyable seeing Cobblepot and Butch work together again to bring someone down.

Of course, Butch did it all for Tabitha because he has fallen in love with her. What’s up with Butch falling in love for the boss-ladies? It is sweet to see Butch in love again because he actually may be the perfect boyfriend. He’s willing to do anything for the women he loves, Fish first, now Tabitha. I would like to see how this relationship goes. #TeamTaButch

It seems like Gotham doesn’t know what to do with Ngyma. He’s this genius that seems to be trapped in the prison and taken for granted. It feels like they don’t know what else to do with him, so let’s see him try to escape. He’s captured for trying to escape and what’s next? Is he just going to go back to his scheming ways? Are Strange and his assistant going to perform any experiments on him? Give the brilliant Cory Michael Smith the storyline he deserves.

It’s great that Gotham is bringing back several of the characters we lost track of because of Strange. Cat’s friend Bridget was last seen burnt and brought into Strange’s laboratory for experimenting. Now, we know what happened to her. Maybe they could explain the others, like who or what was that monster in the basement? Was that the Goonies’ Sloth? It will be entertaining learning more about the monsters hidden in the laboratory. I wonder if we will see any other DC monsters.

Overall, the episode took away from being too serious tonight with a genuinely a fun episode. What other show could you say took an invincible villain out with a rocket launcher head on? Galavan was a good villain and honestly, his time was cut too soon. It would have been great to see the team fight against someone indestructible.


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