Fan builds semi-working Captain America shield


Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters and doing extremely well. For some fans, though, merely watching Cap wield the iconic vibranium shield isn’t enough. That was the case with superhero fan James Hobson, a.k.a. The Hacksmith, and he built one himself.

Now, of course, there is no such thing as vibranium or the country of Wakanda, where the near-indestructible metal comes from, but that didn’t stop Hobson from building a near-identical replica. The actual design and construction of the shield were actually done by Machina Props. The shield uses two powerful electromagnets to stay attached to Hobson’s forearm. In this video, we see Hobson explain how powerful the magnets really are and him imitating Cap by throwing the shield like a Frisbee. However, unlike the “real” deal, Hobson’s shield does not return to him after being thrown. In fact, he confesses that even with the powerful magnets, the shield will not return to him from any distance.

Source: Mashable

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