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Despite the fact that most of your friends saw the movie last night, TODAY is the official release date for Captain America: Civil War. While most of us are at work staring at the clock waiting to go home so that we can see the movie tonight, I decided to take some liberties and compile a list of some amazing Captain America: Civil War cosplays to get us all hyped for what will probably be the biggest movie of the year. To do my part in facilitating excitement, here is a short list of some marquee cosplayers with some awesome cosplay featuring characters that will be featured in the new Marvel blockbuster along with a gallery of honorable mentions.

Captain America by NorCal Cap

Let’s get this party started right with the best Captain America cosplay I have ever seen, who has made quite a name for himself in the NorCal cosplay community. Tim AKA NorCal Cap literally made my heart drop once in the press room of SacAnime a few years back when I thought he was actually Chris Evans. Talk about being genetically gifted, when this dude puts on that helmet he is transformed. NorCal puts a lot of time and effort into his Captain America cosplays, but I wouldn’t be so quick to call him a one-trick pony. He also has a totally awesome Captain America/ Star Wars Bounty Hunter mashup, along with a solid Spider-Man suit. Cosplay is a family hobby for NorCal Cap, and I highly recommend giving him a follow on Instagram.


Tony Stark/Iron Man Keith Zen Dragon

Keith Zen Dragon is a very popular cosplayer with a very large variety of different costumes to his name. I have seen him at several different Wizard World conventions spanning several cities and years and have yet to catch him in the same costume twice, but every single one is bad ass. Though his Evil Dead Ash and Slade Wilson costumes are pretty good too, Keith knocks it out of the park with both his Tony Stark and Iron Man cosplays. Typically when he pulls out the Tony Stark costume, he is joined by the beautiful Abby Darkstar as Black Widow for a truly great power couples cosplay.

tony-stark1 tumblr_m3zy1uWwmm1rspme5o1_500

Black Widow by Macy Rose

Macy Rose is a cosplay superstar in the making. Equal parts model, geek, and artist she is essentially a sentient robot created in a laboratory somewhere and programmed to be every nerd’s fantasy. When she got her start in cosplay doing Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, I think many thought she would be a one-trick pony. Macy continues to wow people with her costumes that have spanned television, movie, cartoon, AND video game characters. What makes Macy just a cut above the rest is her commitment to the characters while she walks the convention floor. She manages to change her walks and poses to essentially mirror her subject perfectly. I’m expecting this young cosplayer to hit the elite level in the years to come.


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