Could Fox Studios and Sony-Marvel Studios finally cross over their characters?


Deadpool was a tremendous success in the box office and Captain America: Civil War is already raking in major numbers. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore as Marvel has been a nonstop juggernaut since the birth of the MCU. However, despite being both Marvel properties, they’re both actually owned by different studios. Tim Miller, the director for Deadpool, stated that he wanted to cross Deadpool over into the MCU by teaming up with Sony and Marvel’s current resurrection of Spider-Man.

This would actually be great news if both Fox and Sony/Marvel Studios can come to some sort of agreement. In fact, it would make a lot of sense since Deadpool is a comic book character that knows he’s a comic book character. Not only does he know about his own thought bubbles, he speaks to the audience reading his comics (I’ve always considered Deadpool’s character similar to Spider-Man, but on a more extreme level of wit and insane babbling). Because of Deadpool’s unique characteristics, it would be possible for him to cross over into a different cinematic universe.

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It is known that both Fox Studios and Marvel Studios had major disagreements on the handling of the Fantastic Four franchise, and we all saw the results of Fox’s stubbornness come to light with the Fantastic Four reboot results. Even with that shaky situation, let’s hope that Fox finally learned from their mistakes after the success of Deadpool. Kevin Feige does have a business relationship with Tim Miller along with the Sony Pictures team, so this could be a possible bridge finally being built between Fox and Marvel Studios.

One thing to take into consideration before we get into a hoopla of this possible collaboration between the two companies: Does Marvel Studios want to work with Fox or vice versa? Yes, both companies could make a fortune from crossing over, however, there could still be some issues of pride between the two companies. I do believe that if they were to work together, Marvel Studios would most likely ask for the Fantastic Four franchise back. At the very least, they would ask for certain characters back from the franchise to be able to utilize in the ever growing MCU. *cough* Galactus and Silver Surfer *cough*. Imagine just those two characters in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I think the theater would erupt if the Guardians ran into “The World Eater ” and his herald. We can only hope.


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