EVO 2016 will ban player coaching in Quarter Final matches

evo 2016
If you plan on attending this year’s EVO, be prepared for a new rule change that will prohibit any player to receive any coaching once they reach quarter-finals in their respective game. This new rule was announced by one of EVO’s main tournament organizer, Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, on Twitter. This took a lot of people by surprise.

Player coaching is something that a lot of players use to get some information on their opponents or to get a second pair of eyes. Some players have even gone to their phones to get data on their opponents or even called a friend.

Some players like Kenneth “KBRAD” Bradley are fine with the decision while others aren’t very fond of it and are trying to find alternatives like having one registered coach rather than multiple people coming on stage to give advice.

What are your thoughts on player coaching during matches?

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