Do we really need a Space Jam sequel?

Why don’t we? I wish I could just end this right here – right now by saying well, because we don’t. Unfortunately, there’s a few more plausible reasons why we don’t need yet another sequel to a movie that doesn’t really need one.

In today’s day and age, all it seems like we’re getting in terms of movie content is part twos to pre-existing films – aka Zoolander or even remakes. (cough, cough, Ben Hur.) See, my problem is that the originals are fine, and if you love them that much, just watch them again! We don’t need another one just so we can associate it with the original and then always look at it as that film with the crappy sequel.

Recently, they just announced Space Jam sequel, which is mainly what I’m referring to. If you are excited about one of your childhood movies being continued, then honestly, I’m happy for you! But the question upon us is – do we really need one? Let me explain to you briefly three reasons why we should just leave Space Jam alone.

Leave Space Jam alone

First and foremost, the original in itself is perfect. It’s an absolute classic, and there is nothing that needs to be changed nor remade. They’re fine as they are! We do not need to continue the series because it’s fine how it is. And of course, one could argue that it’s so good that we need more, but why even go there? Being satisfied with the original, I believe, is enough. And to have another one be made is just simply overkill. After all, what if it’s terrible? Oh god, we’ll never let that one down.

Secondly, making a crap sequel will just ruin the image and thought behind the original.

But Amber, what if it’s not crap?!

Honestly, why even leave room to take that change?! If you continue a storyline and then it turns out to be terrible, you’ll never be able to watch Space Jam without thinking about its horrendous sibling. Trust me, you’re not going to want to live with that mindset.

Thirdly, the casting. LeBron James, you say? No thanks. Bring me back Michael Jordan! In reality though, casting along with story is obviously everything one associates with a franchise. And if you know anything about basketball – why LeBron James? That’s all one needs to say on that matter.

Space Jam // 1

Lastly, in a more general sense, can we stop with the remakes? If the film is set up in a way to continue, then whatever. But if the film ends, it should stay that way! Did we really need three Hangover movies? That’s what I thought.

On top of that, if the sequel doesn’t live up to the hype and specialities of the first Space Jam – then the movie will flop and it’ll be thrown into the box of movie shame. Sigh.

To make a long story short, just stop remaking movies or giving them sequels. If they’re okay as they are, then leave them be! Reliving a classic can sometimes do more damage then if you were to just stick to the original. (I’m looking at you, Ghostbusters.)

Do you really want a new Space Jam movie? It’s really back and forth, so let us know your thoughts on that matter in the comment section!

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