Classic ‘World of Warcraft’ locale recreated in Unreal 4


Once again we are given yet another example of the creativity and talent of people in the gaming community. Whether it’s a group of Minecraft players re-creating a full-scale version of Game of Throne’s Westeros or a guy beating Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out blindfolded, gamers are tenacious beings who will in all likelihood be the ones who end up developing a cure for cancer.

Making its rounds on the Internet recently has been a video created by Daniel L who has released a video of his recreation of classic World of Warcraft locale Duskwood using the Unreal 4 engine. I also recommend the video on his YouTube channel of his recreation of Elwynn Forest.

I’m Sure Daniel L’s inbox is full of requests now to recreate Unreal 4 versions locations from every game ever. Let’s just hope he is getting some sweet job offers too.

For more screenshots:

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