WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day, come out in Dragon Ball Battle Armor

During WWE’s biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania, it’s not unusual to see wrestlers entering the ring in flashy attire or a special entrance for that extra added effect. The current

Dave Bautista and Robin Wright join ‘Blade Runner 2’

From a Guardian of the Galaxy to Bond henchman, Dave Bautista is about to add another franchise to his growing list of films: Blade Runner. The wrestler-turned-actor has been cast

Sony’s Registered Spider-Man movie website is titled…

According to BBC, Sony has just recently registered which in turn takes you to Sony’s website. If you’re a fan of the Spider-Man comic book universe, then you might

Government of Canada posts geeky April Fools joke

Oh, Canada. We Canadians have a little bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to contributions to the global culture. Despite occupying a very large chunk of the earth,

Danny DeVito on voicing Detective Pikachu: ‘What the f*** is Pokemon?’

Ever since the announcement of the 3DS game, Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, a fan petition has surfaced demanding Detective Pikachu be voiced by actor Danny Devito and has garnered

GDC 2016: Meet the Razer Core and Razer BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard

Razer is a company that is known for some great quality products including the very well-received Razer Blade Notebook and a line of accessories for PC gamers. During GDC they held an

Your Lie in April Set 1 Blu-ray review

Your Lie in April focuses on Kōsei Arima, a former pianist who was trained by his mother since he was young to be a prodigy. As the series begins, we learn Kōsei has stopped playing

Sneak peek at Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is one of Batman’s most brutal storylines ever, and we get a sneak peek at the animated movie that will try to bring it to life. Kevin Conroy

8th grade science teacher inspires students with cartoon heroes

David Schmidt, an 8th grade science teacher at Portola Middle School in the LA school district, has always had a love of cartoons and drawing. Schmidt started sharing his fandom

Singer Chris Daughtry on his Batman #50 variant cover and being a comic book fan

Chris Daughtry is best known by his fans for appearing on American Idol  and being the lead vocalist for the rock band Daughtry, but did you know that he has always been a huge

Fallout 4 Automatron (DLC expansion review)

For those who haven’t quite gotten their fill of Fallout 4, Bethesda Softworks has just launched the first of their three planned DLC expansions, Automatron. By taking some of the

Jessica Henwick to play Colleen Wing in Marvel’s Iron Fist

Marvel has announced that Jessica Henwick will be joining the cast of Iron Fist. She can recently be seen in the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones as one of

New Witcher 3 DLC to make Roach a talking horse

CD Projekt Red has announced that it will be having a new DLC for Roach. Yes, a DLC for Geralt’s steed. It’ll be coming soon for $4.99 and will allow

Pixar reveals major Easter egg secret, Hank the octopus

Pixar is known for adding many Easter eggs in its films like the Luxo Ball and the Pizza Planet Truck. Now it has revealed its biggest secret yet, Hank the

First look photo of Ash vs Evil Dead second season

At the end of Ash vs. Evil Dead, it seems that Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, has temporarily stopped evil, with his reward being a trip to Jacksonville. A new

New teaser for AMC’s Preacher shows Arseface

AMC has released a new 20-second teaser today for Preacher, the anticipated series based on Vertigo’s graphic novel by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. It’s a very mysterious

Spencer’s unveils DC Comics’ Forever Evil collection

Spencer’s, the North American mall retailer for lifestyle and licensed fan gear, has announced a new collection, Forever Evil, that caters to the dark side of DC fans. If you’re

First impressions: DOOM’s multiplayer closed beta

Bethesda utterly stole the show at last year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles with the announcement of Fallout 4. While a majority of the hype surrounded the Fallout franchise, they

Windows Phone snubbed at Build Conference

While the Microsoft Build Conference brought out some great information for gamers and technology junkies in general, it’s what didn’t get discussed that has some people buzzing. For years Microsoft

New Updates on Final Fantasy XV Post-announcement Launch

Oh no! Despite the recent celebration of the Final Fantasy XV universe finally being released and unveiled, Square Enix has announced that the game itself will be placed back in