Brothers kill parents then attend anime convention, San Jose police reports

Two brothers are charged with killing their parents inside the San Jose home before attending an anime convention last weekend, according to recent court documents (via LA Times).

Santa Clara County district attorney’s office said that Hasib bin Golamrabbi, 22, and Omar Golamrabbi, 17, were charged by prosecutors on Friday with two counts each of murder.

Hasib admitted that he shot his father many times in the garage. The reason? The court document released by the district attorney’s office states that he did it “because a stranger whom he could not name had assaulted him in the home [and] had told him to do that.” He said that his mother was shot many times by another person.

Hasib bin Golamrabbi, 22 (San Jose Police Department)

The younger brother said to investigators that he was inside their home when the parents were killed, but he didn’t say anything about another person being there. Omar then said that his older brother told him to close the curtain, resulting in Hasib killing their mother.

The brothers then went to an anime convention in Oakland Saturday morning, but the younger brother checked to “make sure that blood was not seeping out from inside the garage.”

It was said by investigators that the duo was “behaving normally” at Kraken Con, an anime, cartoons, comics and cosplay convention.

Other family members tried to contact Shamima Rabbi, 57, and her husband, Golam Rabbi, 59, Sunday afternoon. Another clue was Golam not showing up to work, and the family members talked to the brothers to head home, but they never did. Tired of waiting for the siblings, the relatives went inside the house where they discovered writings and a body of one of the victims. The other body was found by the police after they were called in.

The note reads, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy,” as reported by KGO-TV.

The court documents reported that the other messages on the walls and floor were not disclosed, but the investigators did match the crime scene’s writings to the notebooks located in the siblings’ bedrooms.

Omar was found two miles from the family home on Sunday, with the older brother, who turned off his cellphone, being arrested on Wednesday, according to court documents.

The older brother revealed to the San Francisco Chronicle that his brother had nothing to do with the killings, and that he would reveal more information during the trial.

“I want everyone to know what happened,” he said, “but I can’t say anything without a lawyer.”

The Rabbis were part of the South Bay Islamic Assn. and the Evergreen Islamic Center in San Jose.

“Past few days have been very sad and heart-breaking for the Evergreen community,” the center said in a statement. “Tragic loss of Br. Golam Rabbi and Sr. Shamima Rabbi have been devastating to the family and the community at large.”

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