Warner Bros. hints who Robin is in Batman v Superman?

batman v superman robin

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a lot of Easter eggs filled with history. One example is a shot of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne looking at a Robin costume display. “Hahah, joke’s on you, Batman,” can be seen plastered on the suit, suggesting that the Joker did a number on the poor Batman sidekick.

The Batman: A Death in the Family comic arc from Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo has Joker killing Jason Todd, who’s the second person to take the Robin mantle. The Batman v Superman Instagram posted an image of the Batman v Superman’s Robin scene on April 27th. In the comic, Todd gets killed by the Joker on April 27th. Is this a coincidence, or was Warner Bros. hinting at Todd?

"Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?" #BatmanvSuperman

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