Twitch user suspended for ‘flashing’ during stream


LegendaryLea, aka Lea May, is a popular California Twitch streamer. She got in trouble from the streaming site because she was accused of showing her vagina to her fans.

The “shocking” incident happened when the 26-year-old streamer was playing Dark Souls in front of thousands, accidentally showing too much skin when she got up from her couch.

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Photo via Youtube/ĐR3 G4MING

This resulted in her being quickly suspended from Twitch. If you were to go to her channel, you’d see the following message:

“The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations”

Yeah, Lea isn’t too happy about the suspension and says she stood in an awkward way but didn’t show her vagina.

At least she’ll get to stream again in 30 days and possibly will get a lot more subscribers.

Via LADbible

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