The next Legend of Zelda game has been delayed until 2017, will release on Wii U and NX


While we will be seeing new information and a playable build of the next Legend of Zelda title at this year’s E3, the game itself has been pushed back until 2017. While the game was originally revealed in 2015, Nintendo announced that it would be pushing the game back until 2016 to make further improvements to the game. During the Nintendo financial briefing, it was revealed that the game would be delayed once again so that it can be released along the NX version that has been in development alongside the Wii U version.

With Nintendo announcing that the Nintendo NX will launch globally in March 2017, it makes sense that Nintendo wants to release the new Legend of Zelda game as a launch title much like how Twilight Princess released for the Gamecube and Wii.

Now it’s just a matter of patiently waiting another year to play the game.

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