‘Captain America: Civil War’s’ Chris Evans: “I’d be on Team Iron Man”


It’s hard being on Team Iron Man these days. Vastly outnumbered 3-1, Team Iron Man needs some sort of miracle to help sway fans towards Team Iron Man before Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in just a few days. It turns out a miracle has arrived as Team Iron Man has finally gotten some support from the most unlikeliest of people… Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

At a recent press conference in the UK, Chris Evans was asked if a “real-life Avengers” situation presented itself in the present day who’s side would he choose. The actor surprisingly said, “I’d be on Team Iron Man. There would have to be some sort of responsibility, you have to answer to somebody, you can’t just let this group of vigilantes answer to themselves. The truth is if there really were Avengers I would be Team Iron Man, I would. I mean who wouldn’t?!”

For months now, fans of Team Cap and Team Iron Man have debated to no end which side they would choose when a situation like this arises. I’m glad to see that those of us on Team Iron Man finally have someone to help with the cause. All joking aside, this kind  of debate is the lasting impact that Marvel was hoping for when it was announced that Civil War was coming. Who says that Marvel doesn’t have any depth?

What do you think? Are you Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Sound off in the comments section below!

Captain America: Civil War battle in theaters on May 6th.

Source: FlickeringMyth

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